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Millwood Murray Greys

Breeding excellence

A contemporary logo was created to refresh the original Millwood Murray Greys brand mark. Taking inspiration from the original logo, a cow motif was kept along with the ribbon banner. A strong sans serif typeface was chosen for its clarity and to reflect the hard working nature of the animal breeding industry. 

The first version presented to the client a logo that had a stencil-like quality which made for easy application across both print and digital platforms. Responding to client’s feedback, the second version included a change in name, encapsulated animal motifs within a circular border reminiscent of a rubber stamp.

The final version that was approved by the client saw the deletion of the sheep motif and circular border, and included a more realistic illustration/etching of a cow. In addition to the original bright blue colour, a darker navy has also been selected to complete the brand’s colour palette. 

Version 1
Version 2
Final version

Millwood Murray Greys (client of Jack McKingley agency)