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Environmental Film Festival Australia – EFFA ’21

Take a journey

Environmental Film Festival Australia’s twelfth annual festival invites viewers to take a journey with a series of thought-provoking films set to inspire and engage audiences across Australia and beyond. EFFA ‘21 encourages audiences to explore the world and connect with environmental issues, beyond the daunting news feeds. Journey into the deepest seas, across breathtaking desert plains, up awe-inspiring mountains, and into the lives of those fighting to save our planet.

EFFA ‘21 invites audiences to connect with the planet, be inspired to take action and see the reality behind the headlines.

The application of the EFFA ’21 campaign included outdoor posters in Sydney and Melbourne CBD, a quarter page ad in two editions of The Saturday Paper, digital campaign including HTML5 banners and ads through social media. The simplistic idea of applying a stencil-like effect for the masthead and tagline made the campaign creative quite versatile across all mediums.