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OLMC Heidelberg brand refresh

Empowered Together

The brand mark was refreshed to represent community, warmth and empowerment. By changing the typeface to a bold upper-case while marrying it together with a lighter text created a feeling of authority while still retaining a feminine quality. The colour palette was brightened from a sombre red and navy to a myriad of bright, fresh colours that represented youth, positivity and creativity. The introduction of gradients, circles and textural elements across marketing campaign collateral also brought vibrancy to a somewhat traditional aesthetic.

The overall visual system portrays OLMC Heidelberg as an inviting, progressive, and community focussed high school for girls.


Our Lady of Mercy College Heidelberg

Our Lady of Mercy College, is a Roman Catholic, secondary day school for girls, situated in Heidelberg, a north-eastern suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.