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Pollinate Group

Corporate Collateral

Born with a handful of solar lights, Pollinate Group has grown into a movement of changemakers around the world, empowering women to lead their communities out of poverty.

Annual Report 2017/2018

With the absence of a structured brand guideline due to a new merging of two organisations, more design freedom was permitted for this particular annual report publication. A decision was made for the page layouts to take on a more magazine editorial-look including the use of playful typography and vibrant images.

Click here to view Pollinate Group’s 2017/2018 annual report in full.

Impact Report 2019

By 2019 new brand guidelines were established and brand guidelines were followed. As a result, a more formal looking report was created to suit the tone of voice of the merged organisation. 

Click here to view Pollinate Group’s 2016-2018 Impact Report in full.


Pollinate Group

Pollinate Group advances social businesses in India (Asha Kiran) and Nepal (Kalpavriksha) and together the group shares a vision of a world where communities have access to sustainable technologies to improve their quality of life.