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Kat Chien

Packaging – Cucina Colosseo

Cucina Colosseo

Create a sub-brand and packaging design for a new gourmet product range consisting of pizza, pasta and sauce.


In order to answer this hypothetical brief, the direction of the final design formed around the concept that the range of pizza, pasta and sauce was sent to the consumer via the post by their ‘Sofia’ in Italy.

The illustration of Sofia was created as a motif and was used repeatedly in varying shades of colours to differentiate items. An old geographical map of Italy was used to add to the authenticity of the range.

Historical map of Italy

Colours from the pastel range complements the brown kraft paper and natural cardboard used kept with the rustic look and feel of postage packaging.

 Coupling the use of typography, colour and illustrations with the tactile functionality of the packaging elements chosen, the range is gourmet looking and stands on its own in the aisle of gourmet food stores.