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Promotional material

Client: Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) Summer of Change was the second of four seasonal Festival taking place across 2020 and 2021. The festival delivered stories of the individual heroes and communities who are using the power of Action, Progress and Resistance

Client:Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) Context:EFFA presents: Out of this World was a thought-provoking virtual festival which featured films and programs that were live streamed and were available on demand. Out of this World took a closer look at the interactions between science, technology,

Client:Pollinate GroupContext:Pollinate Group is a social enterprise business and has grown into a movement of changemakers around the world, empowering women to lead their communities out of poverty. Brief:Design Pollinate Group’s 2016-2018 Impact Report according to newly established brand guidelines.  Concept/Ideation:Brand

Client:Crumpler Brief:Create a Crumpler advertisement campaign to promote its new range of bum bags by presenting a single-minded proposition that would successfully appeal to university students. Outcome:Two campaigns were created to answer the hypothetical brief. Ad Campaign 1:   Outdoor advertisement placement The single-minded proposition developed

Client: InPress Magazine Brief:  Design a promotional postcard that visually communicates a strong aesthetic link to the band/artist’s type of music. Outcome: The band’s name is Tinsmoke and a duo tone image was created in the shade of white and grey to represent the metal.