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Kat Chien

Advertising Campaign – Crumpler


Create a Crumpler advertisement campaign to promote its new range of bum bags by presenting a single-minded proposition that would successfully appeal to university students.

Two campaigns were created to answer the hypothetical brief.

Ad Campaign 1:


Outdoor advertisement placement

The single-minded proposition developed was based on the idea of being brave in your everyday life and doing activities that are freeing and at the same time challenges you.

The Millennials today like to make bold statements with the uniqueness of their appearance and style. Consequently the ad campaign to convince them to buy a Crumpler hip pack lies in its unique form and the argument that one needs freedom of movement in order to not feel constricted and do the things that are daring in life.

The first concept depicts famous paintings of heroic individuals – Napoleon, David slaying Goliath, French Revolutionaries. They are seen wearing Crumpler’s hip pack in their moment of bravery which suggests that the hip pack allows the individual to be heroic and brave while at the same time holding all their possessions.

Digital billboard advertisements

Treated iconic images of old masters were used as part of the story-telling and humour was used to get the messaging across. The tag line ‘Be Ballsy’ is a dig at the physical placement of the hip pack as well as alluding to be brave and strong.   

Ad Campaign 2:

The second campaign advertisement would be placed in sequential order and plays on the idea that the hip pack fights for your movement not just from a physical perspective but from an ideological sense as well.

Outdoor advertisement

Images of famous historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi and Aung San Suu Kyi are used as part of the campaign, claiming them to be ‘Freedom Fighters’. To add a hip pack to the mix may not be politically correct however is tongue in cheek and humorous enough to attract attention.

Full page advertisement

Targeting Millennials on a university campus, the first ad concept of using existing old masters paintings would appeal to those students who are studying the arts, history and humanities subjects on campus. The second ad concept could appeal to students with strong political views and sense of justice.