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Kat Chien

Visual Identity – Out of this world

Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA)

EFFA presents: Out of this World was a thought-provoking virtual festival which featured films and programs that were live streamed and were available on demand.

Out of this World took a closer look at the interactions between science, technology, philosophy and art, and facilitated conversations that made the familiar unfamiliar – or strangely familiar familiarly strange.

Create a visual identity for the online festival EFFA presents: Out of this World taking place from Thursday 29 October – Sunday 8 November 2020.

A review of the general topics covered by the festival program formed the basis of ideas around what the visual identity would entail. Unable to use imagery relating to the shown films due to copyright fees, imagery relating to the topics were found online to set the tone of the festival. A total of seven images were chosen as hero images to cover the various topics however in the end, the campaign focussed on three or four key images. Treatment of the images included overlaying brand colours on top to create a uniform image that did not distract viewers from the messaging of the campaign. A masthead was created and was used alongside the hero images to form the basis of the visual identity for the festival.

The application of the Out of This World campaign mostly included digital ads through BEAT Magazine and online ads through social media. The eye-catching identity was visually captivating, resulting in attracting new audiences and broad engagement within the existing EFFA community.