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Kat Chien

Publication cover – #100 Bahrain Stories

#100 Bahrain Stories by Tanzeel Jabbar-Khadir

#100 Bahrain Stories is an independent project which began on social media in January 2016. The original intention of this project was to share the narratives and portraits of 100 individuals from all walks of life, who contribute to the rich fabric of life in Bahrain.

Create a book cover design that embodied the stories told by residents of Bahrain.

To take full advantage of space, the author was persuaded that the book cover design, albeit at an extra cost, should include front and back flaps which could include a visual illustration of the city of Bahrain. This emphasised the location of where the stories were based and added an illustrative element which complemented the author’s own hand writing and added visual appeal to pages which were mostly filled with photographs and text. Bahrain’s flag colours could also be featured in the book cover design as another tying motif to the country itself.

Final cover design:

Front, back and fold out panels
Inside cover and fold out panels

A joyful book cover was created which included a front, back, spine and fold out flaps. The red and white colours of the Bahrain flag were used as the primary colours, coupled with a vibrant image of a painted door that was photographed by the author in Bahrain. The title font is in the author’s own handwriting and in order to create more of a connection between the stories and the country itself, a silhouette illustration of the capital city Manama was included on the inside covers.

The #100 Bahrain Stories book was printed in Bahrain and is currently available at all Jashanmal Bookstores in Bahrain and Neo Books & Coffee, Riffa. In line with the community ethos of this project, profits from book sales are being donated to local charities.

Click here to view the #100 Bahrain Stories website.

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